The school runs a collaborative PE Skills programme sharing the skills and strengths of our teachers and resource persons across the whole school preparing and up-skilling your children to participate; be confident; and excell.

Sports promoted are:

Rugby, Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Softball, Volley Ball, Basketball, Cricket, tennis. padder –tennis, Athletics, swimming, gymnastics and cooperative games.

We have a 16m learner swimming pool on site.

The school is involved with the Eastern Zone Schools.  Te Mahia and Nuhaka Schools are involved in Eastern Zone Rugby practices. Athletics and Swimming and Cross-country are set local Eastern Zone events.

Most Saturday sports are held in Wairoa/Gisborne. Sometimes JAB rugby is held at the Nuhaka Domain. Tennis is also held at the Domain.


This is where students get to work with other teachers and other students. These programmes include the fitness session, singing, junior/senior music skills, PE skills, sport practices, visiting performers, house competitions and duties, and peer mediation.

We also hold our own ANZAC commemoration service on the school site. We support these appeals: Jump Rope for Heart, Daffodil Day, Canteen Appeal and Blind week.


Workshop topics covered are Food Technology, Hard Materials and Soft Materials. 

Students travel to Wairoa to access the purpose built facilities made available for all Y7/Y8 district students.

School camps

Junior school camps (Y1-Y4) are locally based with an overnight stay. Camps are at – a local marae – tent camp at school – beach motor-camp.

The senior school (Y5 – Y8) programme is on a 4-yearly cycle with camps to – Mangaone – Waikaremoana – Mahia - and to a city (Wellington).


The school hosts a wide range of traveling players and visitors bringing actors and musicians into the school  to broaden our students’ horizons and to stimulate to make them think. This is a unique part of our school culture; the school does not charge the students any entry fees. The school community is always welcome to join the audience.



The school takes part in the annual Wairoa Schools Cultural Festival, which involves Y5 to Y8 students and Y1 – Y4 depending on the availability of tutors.


Nuhaka School takes a full role in participating in the events coordinated by the Wairoa Principal’s Association. We push for full participation in Tournaments, Challenges, Competitions and Festivals. These include: Chess, Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Gymnastics and Multi Sports days and Smoke-Free Speeches, Visual Arts, Wearable Arts, Drama, Music, and the Cultural Festival along with, Science displays and Math and Technology Challenges.

The teaching staff challenge all students to be well prepared by creating opportunities to train and build on skill levels for their preparation in these events.

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